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Who are we?

Donuts make people smile.

So we make donuts.


Holy Donuts was created in 2016 by Myron Marko,  a 16-year-old from a small town in Wisconsin with a big dream.   Now we travel around the Midwest in our donut mobile sharing sugary smiles!


We call ourselves Holy Donuts for two reasons:


1. We are a company that is founded on our Christian values and faith.  It's about something much bigger than donuts---donut-making just happens to be our sweet God-given gift.


2. Donuts are about as close to heaven as you can get. (Ahhh, that must be why everyone smiles while eating them!) 











Watch our Grand Opening event! 

Our Story

Where it all started...

This little machine below was discovered by me in a rental property that me and my family were cleaning out. My absolute favorite food since I have been able to think has been donuts. In fact most of my birthday cakes have been replaced by boxes of donuts! So when I found this neat machine, I'm sure you can imagine how intrigued I was!

Attempt #1

I held onto the little machine for about a week until my cousin's birthday party. Inside the box was a hand written recipe that the past owner (a kind, old lady who left it in her house after moving out) had written down. I stirred together the recipe and fried to my hearts content... What came to be was my obsession with cooking donuts! Below are the first ever donuts I made with the handy machine... Not very good I know

Attempt #2

Not content with my previous batch, I came back to my grandparents house after school (they had the only deep fryer I could access) and whipped up 4 more batches. Tweaking some things as I went, I was able to make them much tastier and more uniform!

Sharing is caring!

I posted this on my snapchat story and was bombarded with requests to bring them to school the next day. 4 one gallon bags were stuffed into my backpack the following morning, and soon enough I was bringing smiles to everyone in the locker banks. This was the point in which I knew I had something going, and that I couldn't let it go to waste.

The ideas begin to flow...

Later in that week my mom, dad, sister, and I were on the porch talking about the donuts I had made. I spoke about selling them for real, and that's when my dad brought up the trailer he bought a few months prior. He picked it up from a farmer in our area (Wisconsin) for cheap, and was planning on selling it again. Lets just say I had other plans...

Right after school was out (mid June) me, my girlfriend, and our respective dogs took to making my dreams come true. After two long days of scrapers, scrubbers, bleaches, antibacterial soap, and a very powerful power washer, we had gotten it squeaky clean on the inside! Sadly I didn't take any photos of it before the trailer was deep cleaned, but what matters is that it got clean :)

Everyone needs a logo!

I have been a PC gamer most of my life, and with that comes many connections with past acquaintances. I contacted one of these gaming friends of mine who is skilled with Photoshop, and after many alterations we settled on this logo. I wish I had an awesome story for how the name was created, but it was really just an idea by my sister that I fell in love with! Eventually, it became to stand for more than just donuts.

The name Holy Donuts gave me the awesome idea to make the trailer appear as if it was a cloud. I took it and ran with it, purchasing some sky blue paint from Menards and tasking my sister and mom (artistic ones) to outline some cute clouds. 

My sister and mom did an amazing job on the clouds!

Every food mobile needs a serving window! We opted for a small sliding window, which with the help of my grandpa and dad, was installed flawlessly.

Trim, mantle, and other...

I added a mantle, the windows were trimmed, and a lot was done on the inside!

This was me through the whole process

We had challenges, heck, the whole summer was filled with them, but with the help of my extremely supportive family I was able to over come them. 

We passed our inspection!

After installing water tanks, waste tanks, 4 sinks, a hot water heater, a pump, glassboard walls, and many many other things, we passed! The very last week of summer we had the inspection, and had 0 points deducted.


Grandma comes in clutch!

My grandma is amazing with a thread and needle, so naturally she hand crafted 3 aprons for Holy Donuts. Here I am in mine!

And Grandpa too!

Grandpa helped us put the finishing touches on the donut mobile!

Let there be light!

And just like that we were ready to roll.

The Grand Opening!

The Amery Fall Festival in 2016 was our first event and it blew us away. Everyone love donuts! And we had never made so many of them at once.

The beginning.

And that's how Holy Donuts started! But we have a feeling that this is only the beginning. 

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