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We have 3 options:


1. Fair Style.

Host or know of a public event that you want Holy Donuts to attend?  This is the option for you!  We are always interested in potential fairs, festivals, concerts, and other public events to attend.


2. Bakery Style.

People step up to the donut mobile and choose the flavor and number of donuts they want without needing to pay. This option is for weddings, graduations, and other private events where the donuts are pre-paid for guests.

IMG_6875 (9).HEIC

Before you book for the donut mobile you should have:

  • A moderately close outlet (Our own outlet)

  • Room for 9' x 22' trailer

  • A level space for us to park and pull in


We will email you back when we come up with a price! No pressure if it doesn't work out.


3. Bulk Donuts.

Tell us how many batches of 40 donuts you need and we will box them up for your event! This is great for birthday parties and being the cool coworker at the business meeting. Min. 8 batches

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